Saturday, June 7, 2008

The First Ones

Just a quick entry today, folks!

I've been busy messing around customizing the blogging experience for you. How do you like the banner at the top of the page (complete with fictional city names too - the things I do to enrich the experience for you, eh? hehe). Oh, and it's definitely Haruhi this time too. I checked at least 6 times. LOL

Well, so far all my anime watching has been on the cheap. I've been lucky thus far to be able to borrow DVD boxsets from a fellow anime friend of mine. The one who initially tried in vain all those months ago to get me to watch Full Metal Alchemist. LOL. Well I've also been able to hire DVDs by the dozens from video stores, and also - of course - was able to find my anime fix online. However, the number of anime titles in my collection was currently at a big fat zero. This made me very sad indeed.

The natural progression now was to step up to the plate as wannabe Otaku, and start supporting the industry....

I was fortunate enough to spend a couple of days in Adelaide (South Australian capital city) recently, and had been looking forward to the 4 hour drive to check out all the places one might find anime (and possibly manga too - cause I wanted to begin my obsession with that as well). Oh and for the record, I found the best places to buy anime in Adelaide were JB HiFi and EzyDVD, and for manga it was Borders (though I didn't end up getting any manga cause I was too confused with all the choices hehehe I was a bit stupid not having done any research first). There may have been other places, but those were the only ones I went to in my limited time there.

So, it's with great pleasure I present to you my very first ever anime DVD purchases, and my complete anime collection as of the time of this writing:

The first volumes of each of Planetes, Gunslinger Girl, and Ergo Proxy.

And yes, on reflection this was probably a bit of a silly purchase - not the titles themselves, but solely for the fact that if after seeing Planetes Disc 1, for instance, that I'm surely hooked - there's no disc 2 to put in, cause I didn't buy it. :-( The same goes for Gunslinger Girl. (I have already seen Ergo Proxy when it was showing on Australian television last year).

I would have been better off getting a complete boxset. Now I'll have even more unfinished anime in my "watching" lists. lol, I should just learn to watch one series at a time - but I can't help myself. hehe.

Anyway, that's it for today's observations. Just thought that I had to mark the monumental occasion of one's first anime purchase with it's very own blog entry.

See you in blogging land soon!


KnoxSe7eN said...

Like the header. Dont feel too bad my collect is very small. I am just too tight with money at the moment. Health insurance is eating me alive lol Oh and the word verification that its showing me now is ubweny lol I thought that was pretty funny.

NomadicWriter said...

*steals your ergo proxy dvd* lol.
you actually cant buy the boxset of ergo proxy you have to collect lol (well you do on ezydvd anyway!) which i dont mind, lol I'm going to purchase some more dvds soon as well, but damn it! im going to buy some more figures first lol.

NomadicWriter said...

oh an i keep forgetting to suggest this! you should make your comments come up in a pop up box so people can read your blog over while they write you a comment, to do that click customize, then settings and then comments, then you'll see 'show comments in a pop up box' and click yes ^_^

Sandbar said...

Ubweny. LOL - I wish I had chosen that as a nick instead of Sandbar! hehe

Thanks for the suggestion, Kate - I'm just posting this comment to try it out now - and it's soo much better. Thank you.

Oh, and sorry to hear about the health insurance Adam. :-(
Yeah, the only reason I didn't get more dvds, is cause I was strapped for cash too. I just hope I don't become too obsessed with figures. lol

Thanks for the comments guys (and both your blogs are the Tanuki's balls of blogs. hehe So Kawaii, and so addictive like girls in Kemonomimi head wear, and enjoyable as being stuck under the Kotatsu at the Minami household. Ooh, I like how I can now say stuff that I've learned from your blogs in casual conversation now. LOL

NomadicWriter said...

lol your such a dweeb, but in a good way lol.