Wednesday, June 4, 2008

In the Beginning...

...I was bored.

Nothing on television held much interest for me anymore. Viewing had become stagnant and repetitive; filled with reality tv shows and 20 billion variations on the crime/medical drama.

I drifted endlessly through life, with nothing to entertain me. Girls were simply out of the question (cause to this day not one has come knocking on my door), Jean-Luc Picard had come and gone, and Xena had gone to whereever it is tall bi-sexual leather-clad goddesses go. There was no meaning. Even computer games held little interest for me anymore. Perhaps this was as exciting as life got for a nerd.

I had heard of anime before, and admittedly I attributed it to two things. Mechs and Pokemon. Early weekend television was saturated with what looked like Pokemon cartoons and variants of it. Various colourful looking heroes doing battle with giant robots and using all manner of wacky powers. I knew this was anime, and for many years, I thought that was all anime amounted to.

To my shame, I had never given it a chance.

One day a friend from work tried to get me into Full Metal Alchemist. I wasn't really interested. It was "anime", afterall! Pffft! But he persisted, and although I didn't watch Full Metal Alchemist for some months later, it made me take an interest in Cowboy Bebop which was on television at the time.

I didn't get into it at all.

The weird music (yeah I know, Cowboy Bebop is now my favourite music soundtrack of all time, especially the ED song "Real Folk Blues", which I hated to begin with), the weirdly proportioned characters, the weird situations. Just all weird! I dropped getting into anime for another few weeks.

But the seed was planted in my mind that perhaps anime is more than just mechs and kids with big eyes waving around ridiculously big swords.

One day I watched another episode of Bebop (further into the series), and everything just clicked. I now found the characters interesting, the music brilliant, Faye Valentine's breasts appropriate to my needs as a male viewer, and I just found myself looking forward to the next episode.

And even though I was very sad when the series did end, I now knew that my path to otakudom was only just beginning. I wanted more of this "anime" thingy. Perhaps I would give "Full Metal Alchemist" a go afterall....

Stay tuned for the assortment of suprises that would await me...

And so join with me as my fascination for anime breasts continues to grow. Laugh with me as I discover that loli isn't just something you suck. Cry with me as I learn to use the chopsticks to eat pizza. Scream as I try and learn the Japanese language from anime subtitles.

And that is indeed the point of this blog. It is a journey of discovery of all things anime. There are many things I am still finding out, and there are a lot of shows out there still left to watch. In the end this is a journey of enlightenment. A journey of self-discovery and a journey of reflection.

(Okay, I just put that last crap there to justify this blog's existence! lol)

I hope to cover episode/series/dvd reviews, merchandise, otaku culture, Japanese culture, manga, and all manner of things in and about anime.

So join me, if you will, on the Path to Otakudom!


danielmer said...

well done, sandbar

NomadicWriter said...

lol I must say that was a very interesting read lol!
'anime female breasts' had me in a fit of giggles.
and then you made your journey to otakudom sound like you were from the lord of the rings lol, well done you have me intrigued!

Forgotten Son said...

Excellently written, sir. It made me chuckle a fair few times.

Anonymous said...

mecha and pokemon (and ecchi) were all I thought anime was too!... and then came Fullmetal Alchemist...ahhh...